In normal operation SmartBrake is unobtrusive however in the case that a vehicle driver fails to enable the manual parking brake SmartBrake will apply its braking system.

When does SmartBrake activate:

  • When the vehicle is stopped and the driver has not enabled the manual park brake
  • If braking has not been applied whilst driver is still in the vehicle and the engine is shut down
  • If the driver seat is vacated and the door is opened
  • The speed detection function will only allow automatic braking to occur at speeds less than the preset threshold, 7kmh approximately

SmartBrake must be released by entering the 4 digit user code on the keypad before the vehicle may be moved again after any SmartBrake operation.

SmartBrake is provided with a Maintenance, towing and diagnostic mode. These modes are entered using the numeric keypad provided. When the maintenance switch is operated SmartBrake is disabled, allowing servicing operations to be performed on the braking system. If the vehicle is driven with the maintenance mode ON, an alarm will sound (beeper) when the driver sits in the seat. A flashing lamp appears on the keypad panel. Entering the user code kills the beeper but the lamp remains flashing until the maintenance mode is exited.

Any damage to the speed sensor wiring (short circuit or open circuit) will prevent Smartbrake from being activated until this condition is corrected a periodic beep alerts the driver to the failure condition.