SmartBrake System Overview  

Smartbrake is a safety product designed to reduce the potential for workplace accidents, associated with heavy commercial vehicles. The constant driver distraction of GPS systems, freight booking displays, radios, mobile phones and truck consoles constantly distract drivers and place them under pressure to get the deliveries done faster.




  • Reduces accident claims
  • Protects the drivers from runaway vehicles
  • Saves drivers loosing their jobs
  • Protects other road users
  • Protects clients premises and staff
  • Added safety feature and vehicle security

Vehicle Security

Smartbrake can provide a new layer of security for your vehicle. When Smartbrake is activated the maxi brakes can only be released by entering your 4 digit code into the key pad. If the 4 digit user code is not entered then the brakes will remain on and the vehicle cannot be moved. Smartbrake will allow the system to activate using a special user code that will then activate the Smartbrake system. Then the park brakes will be on and the vehicle cannot be moved until the user code is entered. Even if the Smartbrake electronics is destroyed by the would be thief. The brakes will remain on as the brake solenoid can only be released by a special control sequence from the Smartbrake control unit.